Our Bait

View our range of boilies & pellets.

Bait Bag Weight Size Price/Bag
Creamy Peach 5KG 16mm £40.00
Unflavoured Boilies 5KG 20mm £40.00
Peach & Unflavoured Boilies Mixed 5KG 16 / 20mm £40.00
Pellet 5KG Mixed Size £12.00
Pellet 25KG Mixed Size £55.00
Prepared Particle Party Mix 5KG N/A £6.00
Prepared Particle French Maize 5KG N/A £6.00
Chilli Hemp & French Maize 5KG N/A £9.00
Hemp & French Maize 5KG N/A £9.00
Tiger Nuts & French Maize 5KG N/A £9.00
Tiger Nut Prepared Particle 2.5 Litre 1x Tiger Nuts £9.00
Creamy Peach BULK DEAL 10KG 16mm £72.00
Unflavoured Boilies BULK DEAL 10KG 20mm £72.00

These are the baits being fed to the fish at Lac du Menhir.

Orders need to be paid for with the final holiday payment.

Orders will be at the lake on arrival.

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